» » Chris Hein Ensemble Strings KONTAKT (14/6)

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings KONTAKT (14/6)

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Chris Hein Ensemble Strings KONTAKT

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings KONTAKT (14/6)

Chris Hein Ensemble Strings KONTAKT | 35.2 Gb

Chris Hein � Ensemble Strings is an incredibly detailed, flexible and musical string-ensemble-library. A special characteristic of this library is the fact that the ensemble-sounds have not been recorded in a group. Instead, the carefully selected and matched instruments have been recorded separately and edited. Consequently, each instrument is perfectly in tune, offers excellence in timing and still (or thereby) seamlessly fits the ensemble�s sonic character. You won�t find a wrong note that ruins the whole ensemble.
Recorded with greatest care, precisely edited and combined into ten useful Kontakt Player instruments with a custom made user interface and comprehensive scripting, Chris Hein � Ensemble Strings offers highest sound-quality, lots of articulations and incredibly realistic results.
Main Features:
- 10 Instruments
- 2 Ensemble sizes �Full� & �Small�
- 30 GB Content
- 53.000 Samples
- 32 Articulations
- Up To 8 Dynamic Layers
- 4 Dynamic Modes
- Dynamic Expression Sustains
- Special �designed� articulations
- Note-Head Designer
- Hot-Keys
- Intelligent Legato & Portamento
- Glide-Mode To play realistic runs
- 10 built in DSP-Effects
- 2 independent Convolution Reverbs
- 63 high class impulse responses
- Ensemble Maker
- Micro-Tuner
- Adjustable Fader Settings in the UI
- Intelligent LFO-Vibrato including EQ
- Customizable Auto-Vibrato
- Key-Vibrato


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