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Anthemion Software Jutoh.v2.80 (macOS  Linux)

Anthemion Software Jutoh v2.80 (macOS / Linux) | 187 MB (in total)

Easily create ebooks in Epub and Kindle formats: publish on any ebook distribution site, including Amazon's Kindle, Apple's iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, and more. Your readers can use Kindles, iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones, Macs and PCs. You can also create PDFs suitable for sending to print-on-demand services.

Edit one project - output to many distributors
Create your project in seconds from existing files using Quick Convert; or create your book from scratch using the built-in text editor. Add images, boxes and tables; create a table of contents, footnotes, index, and bibliography. Select a book cover design from Jutoh's templates, or create your own with the built-in cover designer.

Jutoh puts you in control
Instead of paying to outsource your manuscript formatting, you can do it yourself and put yourself in control of editing, formatting and publication. Or, ask your editing service to supply a Jutoh project that you can later edit if you need to. Many editing services and small publishers are already using Jutoh.

You also get far more scope to create a professional result compared with working with a word processor file; Jutoh's tools alert you of problems and allow refinement that a conventional word processor can't give you. You've put in a lot of effort to get this far - don't compromise your book now!

Jutoh caters for all your format needs
With Jutoh, you don't need to edit your book multiple times for different ebook platforms. Jutoh creates ebooks in Epub 2 and Epub 3, Mobipocket (Kindle), HTML, CBZ and plain text formats. Epub and Mobipocket cover most requirements - Epub is the standard with the most support from ebook reader manufacturers and publishers, including Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble and Kobo, while Mobipocket covers Amazon's Kindle platform.

Jutoh also creates OpenDocument (ODT) files, which you can open directly using OpenOffice or LibreOffice to create PDF or other linear formats. This is handy for targeting CreateSpace and other print-on-demand services. ODT files can be optimized for submission to the popular Smashwords platform.

Create as many books as you like
Unlike some solutions, Jutoh is a one-off purchase - no subscription, and no payments per book. Jutoh isn't 'cloud-based' so everything is local to your computer to put you in full control. If you want to come back to Jutoh in a year's time, you won't have to pay again - just download the latest version, and use your existing key.

Designed specifically for ebooks
Jutoh is designed for editing ebooks, so unlike a one-off file converter or conventional word processor, Jutoh gives you the tools to create the best possible ebook, generating clean code that will work on the greatest number of ebook platforms. Jutoh creates code to work around bugs and quirks in the ebook ereaders themselves.

Jutoh helps you import existing content
Jutoh helps you import existing content, whether from a word processor file, HTML files or even an existing ebook. You can decide how to split up a document into sections, using either styles in the document or a pattern that matches section headings. This makes creating your ebooks as quick and painless as possible.

Imported Epub/HTML content will be simplified as Jutoh does not retain all the original CSS - however import from DOCX and ODT, Jutoh's recommended import formats, preserves most styles.

Jutoh analyses your project and gives advice
Jutoh analyses your book during compilation, showing errors, warnings and tips. The advice Jutoh may give about your project includes: very large images, non-standard body text size, line spacing, blank paragraphs, accidental line breaks, direct formatting, problematic colour formatting, unused embedded fonts, large tables, unresolved links, and missing table of contents.

Along with each tip, Jutoh often gives quick links allowing you to locate the problem formatting or to find out more about it. This means that Jutoh goes far beyond just converting your book: it will give you the essential information and tools you need to improve your formatting, in order to produce the high quality ebook that your work deserves.

Jutoh creates accessible documents
Jutoh can create MP3 audio files using a variety of text-to-speech systems, and has facilities for marking up text to improve pronunciation, pauses and other aspects of speech. Broaden your audience by providing your readers with a Speech Archive file which readers can turn into an audio book using the Jutoh demo.

Jutoh's Epub 3 support, adding semantic and structural information to a document, allows easier navigation of books by users with visual impairments. Jutoh can also increase text size throughout an exported ebook or word processor file without changing the original document, making it easy to export large print documents by simply selecting a configuration and pressing Compile.

Jutoh helps you design your cover
Adding a professional-looking cover is important in helping you sell your book. Jutoh includes a simple cover designer with templates for you to use immediately, or you can tweak them and create your own designs. Your title, author name and publisher are automatically inserted into the design. If you already have a cover design, you can use that. You can even keep several alternative designs in your project and see which works best, or use different covers for different sites or editions.

Jutoh is speedy
Fast to import your existing content, whether in text, HTML, Word DOCX, or OpenDocument.Fast to create your Epub, Mobipocket or other format.Fast to edit content and switch between variations of your ebooks.Jutoh is written in C++ so runs at top speed - no frustrating delays.
Jutoh makes it easy to create ebook variations rapidly
Thanks to Jutoh's configurations, you can describe differences between versions of your book - a different cover, title page, ISBN, or formatting - all without needing separate projects. Just select a different configuration and click Compile. This is invaluable when you are distributing ebooks using different sites with slightly different requirements, and you can also use it to create samples for your own web site.

Built-in Epub checking gives you confidence
Jutoh installs Adobe's EpubCheck checker program, so you can easily check your Epub book for internal errors or problems that might arise with specific readers. The checker is run within Jutoh, so you don't have to mess about with invoking the applications yourself, and Jutoh will show the errors in context using its built-in Epub source viewer, with helpful tips to help you understand the errors.

Jutoh helps you store related material
Jutoh lets you store text, picture, and web notes together with the book content. So if you're writing or editing your ebook within Jutoh, you can easily refer to your notes or store text that doesn't yet have a place.

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