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The Woman in Darkness

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The Woman in Darkness
The Woman in Darkness
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Descirption: Charlie Donlea's chilling new suspense thriller is the story of two women, separated by forty years, yet both inextricably linked by a series of horrific murders that took place in 1979.

"She wondered if the mysterious woman had chosen darkness. Or if darkness had chosen her."
As a forensic reconstructionist, Rory Moore sheds light on cold-case homicides by piecing together details others fail to see. And while cleaning out her late father's law office, she takes a call that plunges her into a forty-year-old mystery.
In the summer of 1979, five Chicago women went missing. The predator, nicknamed The Thief, left no bodies and no clues behind - until police received a package from a mysterious woman named Angela Mitchell, which uncovered his identity. But before police could question her, Angela disappeared.
Forty years later, The Thief is about to be paroled for Angela's murder - the only killing the DA could pin on him. But a...

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