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GameChanger Investing

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GameChanger Investing
GameChanger Investing
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Descirption: Investment analyst and portfolio manager Hilary Kramer-called "a one-woman financial investment powerhouse" by Financial Times-provides a blueprint for investors to navigate the rapidly changing trends in today's economy. Kramer's investment style puts her ahead of the curve as she relentlessly researches to find the next big company to invest in long before anyone else does. In doing so, over the past three decades, she has generated more than $100 billion in wealth for people by putting in the hard work for them, the old-fashioned way-researching and analyzing the fundamentals of a stock, one company at a time. Using that same strategy, GameChanger Investing helps readers navigate the current political climate, understand the enormous potential Trump has for creating wealth, and offers up 10 investable trends and 24-must-own stocks that will make you rich through a second Trump term. A graduate of Wellsley College and The Wharton School of...

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