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Sas Jmp Statistical Discovery v13.2

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Sas Jmp Statistical Discovery v13.2

Sas Jmp Statistical Discovery v13.2 | 818 MB

SAS has released an updated (version 13.2) JMP Statistical Discovery, is a statistical software environment that enables scientists, engineers, and business analysts to make discoveries through data exploration.

Release Notes for JMP 13.2:

JMP 13.2 is a general maintenance release that contains enhancements and bug fixes. Reproducible crashes and numeric issues have been corrected. Applying this maintenance release is recommended for all sites.

New Features

- Several new JSL commands prevent users from editing data tables.
. To prevent editing cells in the data table, use the Set Edit Lock message with the Modify Cells argument.
. To prevent adding or deleting columns and rows, use Set Edit Lock with the Add Columns, Remove Columns, Add Rows, or Delete Rows arguments.
. To get a list of data table operations that are locked, use Get Edit Lock.
. To allow a specified data table operation again, use Clear Edit Lock.
- The JSL Set Data Type alias has been added to Data Type(), so the two commands can be used interchangeably.
- In the Distribution platform's Test Equivalence report, the test column has been removed to avoid the confusing terminology of "Upper" and "Lower". The degrees of freedom have been added.
- In the Graph Builder iPad app, you can import a workbook that contains multiple worksheets. On the Import window, turn off Import First Sheet Only and select the worksheets that you want to import. The worksheets appear in a folder in the Gallery.
- JMP can import and export ISO 8601 data.
- You can select or deselect all statistics for a report table in the Column Numeric Format window.
- An isometric scale is applied to MCA plots.
- The Dashboard Builder "Blank Dashboard" template now includes a header and a placeholder box.
- In the Fit Least Squares platform preferences, you can turn off Scaled Estimates.
- (only JMP Pro) In Text Explorer, results from Latent Semantic Analysis match results from PCA. The singular values in Latent Semantic Analysis are the square root of the eigenvalues in PCA.
- (only JMP Pro) In Text Explorer, results from Topic Analysis match results from a rotated Principal Component analysis.
- Naming conventions in the Topic Analysis report have improved. "Topic Words" are now called "Topic Terms". "Topic Portions" are now called "Variance Explained by Each Topic". "Rotated V Matrix" is now called "Term Topic Loadings". Rotated U Matrix is now called "Document Topic Scores".

Supported Architectures: x86

Language: english
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer

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