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Emcos Studio v2017 (x64)

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Emcos Studio v2017 (x64)

Emcos Studio v2017 (x64) | 698 MB

EMCoS is pleased to announce the immediate availability of , its core product that combines all major modules from both EMC Studio and EMCoS PCB VLab packages into one powerful platform to boost simulation efficiency.

EMCoS Studio 2017 Release Highlights:

- 3D PEEC solution for power electronics applications
- Extended Human Exposure Simulation Toolkit
- Stackup Editor for PCB data processing
- Filter Components Library
- Fast Direct Solver (FDS) for large-scale problems
- Fast near field calculation using ACA algorithm
- Support of multi-dielectrics with touching faces
- Radar Cross Section Calculation
- Improved PO solution
- New System Diagram and Schematic features
- Mixed S-parameters/circuit modeling for linear systems in FD
- Updated EMCoS SimDAT (Simulation Data Analysis Tool)

Version: 2017.0.1 build 04.07.2017
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even and newer

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